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“We provide a global service for gold ownership across national borders”

Alexej Martin, CEO and Founder

Our Partners

We are proud to have these globally acclaimed institutions as our partners.


Entify provides personal data protection and looks after your privacy.

Trisuna offers complete security conditions and the most professional services with optimum discretion.

Marsh is a global leader in insurance brokerage and risk management.

FB Asset Management
Bank Alpinum

Bank Alpinum is a financial service provider which specializes in asset management.

FB Asset management: A modern Asset and Asset management company situated in Tallinn, Estonia

Exobank is one of the oldest banks in Latvia and Czech Republic, founded in 1991.

Entify provides personal data protection and looks after your privacy.


Trusina offers complete security conditions and the most professional services with optimum discretion.

Bank Alpinum

Bank Alpinum is a financial service provider which specializes in asset management.

FB Asset Management

FB Asset management: A modern Asset and Asset management company situated in Tallin, Estonia


Exobank is one of the oldest banks in Latvia, founded in 1991.

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management.

Why Choose Us?

Simple solution for trading and ownership of gold bars.

Buy easily

Buy gold bars in our online shop or via phone from any place in the world.

Your ownership

You are the owner of the gold bars you bought.

Regular detailed reports

Get regular reports about your portfolio showing all positions and current price.


Get a  guarantee of up to 70% of the value or your gold bars.

Take your bars with you

If you wish, take out certain or all of your gold bars.

Sell the bars and get your money

Sell your certain or all gold bars and get paid off any time.

Quick entry

Become our new Member with less than half an hour.

Choose your bars

Choose the bars you want to buy.


Execute the payment.

Delivery and report

Get your gold bars delivered to our storage with detailed report.

Keep or take out

Keep your gold bars in the storage or take them with you.

Sell and get paid off

Sell your bars and get your money within 2 banking days.

Grade 10 gold storage

The gold bars are stored in the grade 10 security facility, the most safeguarded of its kind.

Cyber protection of Client data

Encryption of Client data to safeguard against cyber crime. Our employees are sensitized to possible cyber attacks by permanent trainings and coaching.

Certificate confirming ownership

Physical certificate confirming ownership and personalized data that guarantees the Client service at all times even in the event of system failure.

Certificate protection

The Swiss Gold Club™ certificate is protected by a unique, tamper-proof label which endorses and verifies the clients legal ownership of gold bars with or without internet access.

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Rules

The Swiss Gold Club™ complies with all relevant Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Advanced KYC and Due Diligence methods

We use up-to-date KYC methods prior to the acceptance as a Club client as well as in connection with the transactions.

Out of the scope of financial regulation

The Swiss Gold Club™ services are not subject to financial regulation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Swiss Gold Club™ complies with General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 216/679.

Capital protection

Gold is a unique crisis-resistant asset which is volatile but doesn´t drop below the certain bottom-line.

High fungibility

Gold as an asset can quickly be liquidated anytime and converted into any currency.

Swiss gold manufacturers

Swiss Gold Club™ is operating with gold bars produced by the Swiss refineries, such as Valcambi, PAMP, Argor Heraus and Metalor.

Pledgeable for credit lines

Gold is an acceptable and desirable collateral for credit lines by many banks, financial institutions and business partners.

0% VAT

There is no VAT on purchase or sale of physical gold in Switzerland for individuals, legal persons and other entities.

No negative interest

In contrast to several currencies, there is no negative interest on physical gold.

No information / access for third parties

Only persons authorized by Client have access to the information about the stock and/or to the physical assets.

No CRS / Automatic Exchange of Information

The Swiss Gold Club™ is not affected by CRS / Automatic Exchange of Information. Due to the fact that ownership of the gold bars belongs to the clients of Swiss Gold Club™, the gold bars or their value are not subject to capture and reporting under CRS / Automatic Exchange of Information.

No disclosure upon legal assistance requests

The Swiss Gold ClubTM is not obliged to disclose any information about the Client or his/her/its assets upon international requests for legal assistance.

Encrypted and separated keeping of Client´s data

The key elements of Client´s personal data are encrypted and kept separately at different places.

How It Works?

Very simple: Buy | Keep | Sell

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Swiss Gold

Club Member

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Swiss Gold Club AG is a Swiss corporation which provides its Members with a solution for the purchase and sale of physical gold bars as well as their custody in specialized storages. The sale and purchase are provided off-line via email and our hotline as well as via online platform. for carrying out transactions for the purchase and sale of precious metals online.

As Club Members we welcome individuals as well as entities disregarding their legal form.

The relationship between the Club and its Members is governed by the Swiss law. In addition, the Club complies with the relevant regulation of the European Union e.g. the processing with personal data and anti-money-laundering.


Since Swiss Gold Club AG doesn´t provide any financial services, such as e.g. banking, payments, investments, asset management, etc., its activities are not subject to financial legislation or banking regulation.

The Client’s account with the Club is not a precious metal account neither a bank account.

The activities of the Club are limited to the purchase / sale and storage of precious metals in physical form.

The Club is not a custodian for bankable assets due to the physical nature of gold bars. Purchase and sale operations are carried out in accordance with orders placed by the Members.

In terms of KYC and AML we comply with the current Swiss and EU legislation.

For identification procedure we use the services of Entify | KCPass OÜ, Estonia.

For KYC processes we use the Swiss WorldCheck / Thomson Reuters database.

AML / KYC documents and regulations can be found here (link to documents).

Keeping the gold bars is fully confidential: it is not a financial account. Thus, there is no CRS / Automatic Exchange of Information.

The Member is not a holder of a bank account agreement or a holder of units / shares of a fund.

Each Member has a full and unrestricted ownership title to physical gold bars. Therefore, the Member can exercise his/her/its right to sell, transfer or donate gold, either vial our platform or via storage. Alternatively, the Member or a person authorized by the Member can withdraw his/her gold bars anytime fully or partially from the storage and dispose of them on his/her own.

The value of the asset always corresponds to the gold market value and not the exchange value of the units or shares of the fund.

The Member can get his/her gold bars physically delivered to almost any region of the world using a special global delivery service.

Gold bars are stored in a 10-grade professional storage facility located in the Principality of Liechtenstein that meets the highest industrial standards for custody of precious metals.

The Member’s gold bars are fully insured as physical asset.

Formation of an additional legal setup such as Private Foundation or Trust as part of our services protects the assets from actions of third parties against the Member.

Open Documents

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policies as well as more detailed information about who we are and what we do.